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Monday, March 1, 2010

More work in progress

After working many, many hours on it yesterday, the rows are ready to sew together for the blocks (they still need to be pressed). 

Maybe someday I will keep track of the time spent on a quilt but, for right now it doesn't matter very much.  I have never sold a quilt so it doesn't equate to paying for my time.  I don't think that most quilts can really be sold for an amount that compensates the quilter at a reasonable hourly rate.  An example is the Starred and Feathered quilt.  It took me 2 weeks to do the center star and a month at least to do the whole top.  That wasn't working on it full-time, of course.  Add the cost of the fabric for the top and backing, the batting, and the quilting and it would be thousands of dollars for me to even consider selling it.  If that.

Another quilt I did that was all jelly rolls only took 3 days to complete the top.  This was a very simple design and probably more along the lines of something that could be sold.  I think of these things because I would like to do this someday if I am able to retire "early" in 9 more years.

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