Sewing Room Dropcam

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First pic with new camera

Nothing "new" but I layed out the quilt to trim it.  I decided not to wash and block it, just going to bind it and then wash.  It doesn't need to be blocked and squared, looks pretty good to me.

I have the binding strips cut and pieced together into one LONG strip for starching and folding in half, right after I lay it out on the quilt again to make sure there is enough to go all around.  Almost done....


  1. Looks great!! I have never blocked a quilt...why would you? Is that a dum question?

  2. Wet blocking helps a quilt, especially a quilt that will be hanging, to hang straight, lay flat, and to be square. For one that is going to be on a bed or a utility quilt it's not necessary. I blocked my feathered star quilt because I knew I was going to enter it in shows and I've done it to several Round Robin tops that had issues before I worked on them. This is a good explanation of blocking.