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Sunday, April 10, 2011

More fun with EQ7

I wanted to be able to play with quilt setting designs for the My Tweets BOM in EQ7 so I imported the pictures of the blocks.

I started out with the downloaded PDF of a block displayed on my screen.  I make sure that window is selected and press ALT+PrtSc to copy just that window.  I then go into MS Paint and paste the screen print.

While what was pasted is still outlined and selected, I move it up and left so that the edges of the PDF window are out of the screen.  Click outside of the block or on any tool so that it is no longer selected.

Scroll down and over to the right until you can see the tiny blue dots that mark the edge of the Paint box.  Mouse over them until the pointer changes to a drag arrow, right-click, and drag the window smaller so that only the picture is showing without the frames.

When only the picture that you want is in the screen, do a File... Save As... and save it to a file with type JPEG.

In EQ7 create a new block type Easy Draw + Patch Draw and in Drawing Board Setup make the block 14" x 14".  Then select Block... Import Image For Tracing.  Drag the image to a size that fits the 14" block.  You can also use the Positioning settings at the top.

Click on the Applique tab and you will have a blank block with the image behind it to trace.  EQ7 asks me if I want to turn off auto-fill and I say "no".  I want to know that I have closed a shape when drawing, otherwise when you go to fill in the color and a shape isn't closed, it will color everything at once the same color.  You know you have closed a shape when it turns to a solid white and you can't see any lines or grid behind it.

Trace the image using whatever tool is appropriate, I used the Freehand and the Circle tool on this.  As you draw the shapes you will need to move them to the front or back relative to the other shapes.

Select the Color tab and fill in with your fabrics.

On this block I drew a circle on the Applique tab and then moved it to the back to create a frame.

Now I can play around with the blocks and see how it will really look. Just three of the blocks have been posted in PDF so far.

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